HipFire Games Ltd.
Based in Helsinki, Finland

Founding date:
July 24, 2017


Press / business contact:
+358 45 6787554


Mechelininkatu 1 A c/o Nordic VR Startups
00180, Helsinki, Finland


Download the Presskit & Media Assets here:
Failspace Presskit & Media Assets (63,1Mb)


HipFire Games is pioneering the VR multiplayer scene and exploring how to get most out of the superb level of player interaction that VR offers. It’s founded by a small group of developers with a long background in the Finnish game development scene. They share a common goal of building the most fun and socially engaging multiplayer experiences possible.

The founding team of HipFire has worked on such titles as Hay Day, Alienation, Rochard and Angry Birds Star Wars.

Initially invested into by Nordic VR Startups, a Helsinki-based VR/AR accelerator. HipFire Games is now raising a Seed round in Q1 2018.



Press Release / Announcement:

Free to publish on Thu 21st of December.


Nail-biting VR fun with your friends!

We all know that the life of a space trucker is hard. But it’s extra hard if the ship that you and your friends are travelling on starts to rapidly fall apart.

HipFire Games will put your crew under pressure in their debut multiplayer Virtual Reality game, Failspace. The game, inspired by popular panic-inducing titles like ‘Spaceteam’ and ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ will test your nerves, teamwork and possibly relationships in outer space.

The game lets you and your friends be the crew on board a spaceship, delivering cargo up and down the galaxy. Unfortunately your ship is a rather rickety one and you’ll have to be constantly running to fix different systems, some of which are much more involved than others. Every mission is more difficult than the last and earning your keep requires seamless communication and teamwork.

“It’s one thing to play on your computer screen but another thing entirely to physically pull levers, fix leaks and replace fuel filters inside a ‘real’ spaceship.” says Antti Sartanen, the CEO of HipFire Games.

The Finnish developers say that they are long-time fans of frantic team experiences. The decision to start developing Failspace as their first multiplayer VR title was a therefore a relatively easy one. Cooperative games are still a largely unexplored dimension of VR and certainly the improved level of player interaction would help to enhance the experience.

“With all that action around you, you quickly forget that you’re not really there. That’s why we decided to make it more of a fun and tongue-in-cheek type of experience. You’re already experiencing enough pressure as it is!”

The game supports 1-5 players. There’s no official release date yet but you can start preparing your crew and your vocal chords for Failspace in 2018.