Parkour + Competitive PVP = Blastworld!

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PvP & PvE games!

Slay zombies in Zombies Royale or parkour your way to the capture points in Overkill. There’s already a lot to do and more updates are coming out regularly! These are some of the games already included and some that are being planned. Come tell us what to do next in the Discord!


In this class-based PvP mode inspired by Overwatch, attacking and defending teams fight over capture points.


Really stretch your legs with the various locomotion-based characters!

Zombies Royale

PvP: Try to be the last one alive. Easier said than done though as every knocked-out player turns into a zombie, trying to get you too!


Co-op PvE: Face against AI enemies that come in increasingly difficult waves

Bomb Defusal

Try the new twist on classic Bomb Defusal as you can now climb any surface. 


Who can think of the best new routes to get to the bomb site or keep overwatch?

Capture The Flag

The traditional benchmark of team-based games makes a return in new form. Who can outrun, outshoot or outflank your enemies to score that capture?

The Hub

You’ll find the first version of the social hub in the game already. Meet new people or gather a party of friends and go have some fun!

Planned: Co-op Campaign

Dive deeper into the world in the solo or co-op playable campaign. Travel between different biomes and meet the inhabitants as you uncover the hidden secrets of Blastworld!


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What’s next?

There’s a lot more coming in the future!

Join our growing community on Discord to talk to us, get the latest behind-the-scenes looks and just chill with likeminded VR gamers.

Blastworld’s Vision


Blastworld is a lot more than a collection of random games, it’s an actual world where you can play games, explore and spend time with other players and friends.


In the future all the worlds will be visited through the Hub which acts as your social anchor in the game, it’s where you start your games and find your own quarters.


We’re excited to be building this world with you all, get involved if you want to be part of shaping it into something truly unique!


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