If you like it then you should-a put a Gold on it.

Are you enjoying Blastworld and want MORE? The Gold accounts are a way for you to support the development and get something cool in return. Like the 2 extra characters above with awesome and unique weapons! 


We constantly keep adding both free and Gold content and as a Gold member you have access to all of it.


Join the awesome community, become a Golden boi today!


You will receive:

   Access to 2 more characters with unique weapons

  ‘Supporter’ Discord role

  Unlocked rank progress

  Ability to create portals to new maps for your friends

  More perks to be added as we grow!

100% of the profit goes into developing the game further.

How do I activate my Gold Account?

– You will receive an email with a unique code which you can enter in the Main Menu of the game.


Can I buy one for my friend too?

– Yes! Buy one normally and just send them the code you receive in the email.


I have a question / a problem with purchasing / activating the account.

– Send us an email at support@hipfirevr.com and let’s fix that!