HipFire Games
Based in Helsinki, Finland
Release date:
Windows (Steam, Oculus)

Mobile cross-platform(Android, iOS): Q4 2019

The team

HipFire Games, formed in 2017 and based in Finland, is a team of former Supercell and Rovio developers aims to bring multiplayer Co-op VR games to their deserved glory!



Failspace is a collaborative, crisis-solving, multiplayer VR game set on a set on a gleaming space truck that could burn through all the rings of Saturn at lightspeed to fulfill a shipping order.

As your space truck inevitably malfunctions, your cargo requires constant hands-on maintenance and care that only the best space truckers can hope to achieve, be it expensive and fragile art for a despotic emperor of the Small Dog galaxy, a group of alien refugees smuggled from a politically unstable world, rare zoo animals, or mysteriously unlabeled neon green barrels of ooze..




– With a sleek looking ship, crazy cargo, and deep space destinations to explore, players must team up to become spacetruckers, tasked with keeping their craft running whilst warping through ion storms and solar flares as they attempt to transport their unusual goods. 

– Comical and chaotic, each play session lasts around 10 minutes requiring tight co-op communication and fast fixing physical skills, creating short bursts of fun with friends as everything potentially can go wrong. 

– The alpha will begin on 3rd December 2018, and will focus on the VR experience for Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed reality headset owners. Registration to join the alpha is now open via the Hipfire website.