Hipfire Games
Based in Helsinki, Finland


The team

Hipfire Games, formed in 2017 with focus on multiplayer VR and social interaction.



In the foam-filled Blastworld you can climb literally any surface in the game, from the lamp posts to tallest towers which gives the game a whole new level of verticality and fun! 


You’ll be foaming from your mouth when shooting the wide array of crazy weaponry like bazookas, machine guns and frisbee launchers. It features charming cardboard avatars and the gameplay itself is a fast-paced ballet of running, climbing and jumping players trying to match the ballistic arcs from the deadly darts.


Apart from being a whole blast to play, it focuses on solving one of the fundamental things that has been holding competitive VR gaming back, the locomotion. While previously you’ve had to choose between the non-immersive teleport or potentially sickness-inducing trackpad locomotion, the company claims to have come up with a way of satisfying both the comfort and immersive seeking players with the out-of-body jumping and a unique style of arm-swinger locomotion.



Failspace offers a fun and ever-changing co-op experience for up to 4 VR players at once, where the situations in and outside of your spaceship can escalate fairly quickly if you and your crew are not on top of everything. And staying on top of things usually requires some stout commands, hastily read instructions and panicked shouting. And of course lots of blaming when it eventually goes wrong.


The hectic gameplay comes in bursts as players are asked to complete missions of different lenghts and dangers while wrangling the ship systems which need constant attention and repair. The trips are also sprinkled with humorous incidents along the way. In roguelike style, the challenge is to get as far as possible without running out of supplies, which include everything from fire extinguishers to spare parts for the ship.


The game was planned to have a support for non-VR players via mobile devices but this feature was later cut from the production.