December 7th - December 15th 2019

The winner gets:

1. A Nerf Stryfe blaster!*

2. Your nickname (or your face, you choose) carved delicately on a commemorative plaque (printed on an A4 paper) on our office wall.

3. Infinite glory.


*We have no affiliation with Nerf and the tournament isn’t sponsored by them. But we’d love if it were!

Disclaimer: Previous winners of the year are not eligible for the prize. Let’s share the fun instead!


In Blastworld, agility is the key! Get those arms swinging as the fastest player around our track wins another Nerf blaster!


The course requires speed, finesse and also fast climbing. And make sure you’re in the ‘Immersive – Arms’ locomotion setting which you can find on your wrist menu!


You can follow your progress on the Leaderboard which is found on the new ‘Skanktown Racing’ map. The Tournament starts on 4pm UTC on Saturday December 7th and ends at 4pm UTC on Sunday December 15th.



1) Fastest time on 4pm on Dec 15th wins!

2) Try to be the fastest!


Have fun and see you in our Discord!

Also get a taste of the new Skanktown map – coming soon!